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Pain Relief with Laser Therapy – FDA approved treatment for the price of a co-pay – Half Hour $30 (regular $45)

Cupping Massage (without bruising) – It stimulates blood flow and lymph drainage, increases joint rotation and flexibility, achieves deep tissue and myofascial release, treating pain, injuries and scar tissue, within your comfort zone. It shortens recovery time from sport events and injuries, increases performance – 30-60 minutes $39-$69 (regular $59-$99)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Post surgery lymph drainage or for detoxification and cellulite prevention  –  30-60 minutes $39-$69 (regular $59-$99)

Acne & Scars Treatment – with Laser & LED Red and Blue Light Therapy – One Hour $65 (regular $85)

Relaxation Massage with Aromatherapy Add-on – Soothe your body and relax with the warmth of essential oils massage – First time clients only – One Hour $45 (regular $85) plus add-on $10 for the essential oils

CranioSacral or Reiki Therapy – Stress relief and energy balance healing for your body and spirit – Half Hour $35 (regular $45)

The Ultimate Massage with Facial – Your most relaxing and rejuvenating transformation – One and a Half Hour $125 (regular $189)

Pregnancy Massage – Alleviate discomforts and pain experienced during pregnancy – One Hour $65 (regular $75)

Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage or Hot Stone Massage – Free yourself from pain and stress with specialized therapies  – One Hour $75 (regular $95-$110)

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Author: Sorina Durante