Spa Treatments: Facial and Body

New Jersey Spa offers Body Wraps and Facial Treatments in Freehold

Facial Treatments and Body Wraps in Freehold, NJ. Courtesy of ABMP.

$25-$85/per Session – see price list

Spa Treatments include facial treatments and masks (rejuvenating, hydrating, nourishing, detoxifying, herbal, vitamin C, collagen, mud, paraffin); hand and foot paraffin treatments, body wraps, sugar or salt glows, herbal, hot oil and cellulite therapies, aromatherapy.

  • Facial Treatment & Mask (Hydrating, Collagen, Nourishing, Detoxifying)
  • Massage Cupping Face Lift & Lymph Drainage
  • Salt & Sugar Glow Hands and Feet 
  • Paraffin Bath Hands and Feet

Please call 732-462-0909 to make an appointment, for a free consultation or for more information.

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Author: Sorina Durante