Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy

New Jersey Raindrop Therapy Oils Massage in Freehold

Raindrop Therapy Essential Oils Massage in Freehold, NJ. Courtesy of ABMP.

$95/per 60 minutes Session (includes essential oils)

Raindrop Therapy (Essential Oils Massage) is a specialized form of massage performed only on the back, with emphasis on the spine. It employs light touch movements and the use of specific essential oils applied as raindrops on the spine, which penetrate deeply, relaxing the muscles and strengthening the spine. The oils are applied in a specific sequence, corresponding to each system of the body, starting with the system which is affected the most (structural alignment, muscle, nerve, tendon & ligament, bone, circulation), ending with emotional relief. This technique brings the body to an improved physical and emotional state.

Please call 732-462-0909 for more information, to make an appointment or for a free consultation.

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Author: Sorina Durante