Detoxification Body Cleanse

New Jersey Holistic Spa offers Detoxification Treatments in Freehold

Holistic Spa Detoxification Treatments in Freehold, NJ

$45/per 30 minutes Session

The Body Cleanse is done through a detoxifying foot bath, employing an innovative technique for facilitating detox and drainage, while simultaneously fostering healthy pH changes in the body. The lymph drainage detoxification therapy provides a comfortable and relaxing way to eliminate toxins from your body without precipitating a healing crisis.

This treatment is very beneficial for removal of toxic metals, chemicals and toxic residue present in the body, accumulated through the years from the environment, food, cosmetics, dental fillings, vaccines, medication, chemo treatments, etc. It is also highly recommended to smokers or after smoking cessation, for faster detoxification.

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Author: Sorina Durante