I’m Very Happy with the Results

By Jessica

I originally went to Energy Balance Laser Therapy for a laser facial rejuvenation. I saw results from the first treatment. My skin is much tighter, I see a huge reduction in my forehead wrinkles and crows feet. The over all appearance of my face is much brighter and even. I just finished my 3rd treatment and I’m very happy with my results. The facial laser is just the tip of the iceberg. Sorina performs laser treatments for pain. My husband was suffering with neck and shoulder pain for weeks. After just 1 hour treatment he felt amazing. I brought my brother for shoulder treatment, he had no pain after the first treatment, he only felt some soreness. Today he feels great. I highly recommend Energy Balance Laser Therapy and Massage. You wont be disappointed. Check out their website, they offer a bunch of services you wont find anywhere else.

Terrible Neck Pain and Knee Trauma Resolved

By Olga

I came to Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage 3 month ago with terrible neck pain that was not getting any better after more than 6 months of different treatments. In this office I had the PNT therapy, myofascial release, massage cupping and hot stone massage, weekly and then less often. Thanks to Sorina my neck got completely better, with no pain and no headaches.

After a sport trauma my husband could not move his knee for a month. After two months weekly treatments including laser therapy, cupping and PNT, he is back in his gym. I have recommended Sorina to my friends because I think she is such a caring person and also she is one of the most competent alternative health care practitioners I know. All treatments are very reasonable priced, much cheaper that at many places I went to before. Thanks to Sorina I am sleeping better and I generally feel more energetic. If you want an honest professional service, this place is right for you.

Vast Improvement Gives Great Confidence

By Marlene

I would like to thank Sorina, at Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage, for the vast improvement of my skin complexion since I have started Cosmetic Laser Therapy and Facial Rejuvenation treatments. The rewards of these treatments have given me great confidence. My skin looks smoother and brighter, without traces of the previous deep acne. My jaw and chin became firmer, my face and neck muscles are toned, and lines have diminished. Once again, thank you Sorina! Your expertise in skin care and your professionalism is exceptional. I have, and will continue to recommend you as the best in non-surgical skin care and alternative therapies!

Improved Quality of Life

By Sharon

I have suffered for several years with neck and lower back pain, mostly from working at a computer all day and playing a lot of golf. After just one visit to Sorina’s office I felt immediate relief. The combination of massage and laser therapy has vastly improved the quality of my life. I’m sleeping better, headaches have disappeared completely and I generally feel much healthier overall. Thank you Sorina, I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Results Beyond My Expectations

By Hilda

My gratitude and thanks to Sorina Durante for her exceptional talent! With my first visit the results have truly gone beyond my expectations. My concerns were sagging skin and shallow eyes, you know lose of volume and firmness! I am truly happy and totally amazed my eyes are vibrant and no longer old looking, yes it is so true!!!! The firmness around my eyes, I was totally shocked. I highly recommend to all the ladies, you deserve it, don’t miss out on the laser face lift. I am truly excited, this beats fillers any day and the best part, it stays with you, Sorina’s consultation provides a wealth of information, how the process works and how to maintain. I am totally hooked and continue my treatments!

A Truly Healing Experience‎

By Andrea

I came to Energy Balance after a long chain of disappointing experiences trying to find relief from muscular pain associated with fibromyalgia. Unlike many local massage therapists, Sorina Durante is well-versed in medical massage and creatively combined different techniques and modalities to address my health needs. Trigger point and muscle fascia work is often painful, as many people with fibromyalgia can attest; by using a cutting edge technique called Pain Neutralization Technique, Sorina not only made trigger points that I’ve had for years release but she did it in a quick, painless manner. Supplementing the massage treatment with Reiki, laser therapy, and cleansing foot baths at Energy Balance, my quality of life has improved so drastically I can hardly put it into words. I even managed to finally quit smoking with the support of laser therapy to knock out cravings. I whole-heartedly recommend Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage to anyone, especially those of you who have a chronic muscular or joint problem that is limiting your life. I consider myself lucky to be working with a health professional who is so knowledgeable and passionate about bringing healing to her clients.

A Life Altering Treatment

By Diane

Having been misdiagnosed for years my leg muscles were weak from not walking and my feet were in constant pain from arthritis. I did not want to continue on with my life like this, barely getting myself to work with no outside activities except exercising in a heated pool to give my body some relief. I miss rollerblading and biking and walking on the beach in bare feet. And I was sick of walking around with a cane because the pain in my feet would make me fall if I stepped the wrong way. On Sept 28, 2012 I did a search on Youtube feeling there has to be something to help me – I found videos that cold laser was helpful in eliminating pain. Not one of the many doctors I had seen on a regular basis over the years offered me anything but pills and shots. Both damaged my body and made my condition worse. Wanting to try this right away I called PTs and Chiropractors on my medical plan, not one of them offered my new found modality. I searched in Freehold where I live and found Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage – it was down the road from my home. Taking that as a sign I left work early and was able to get the last appointment. When I arrived at 7:15 (let’s face it you have to be dedicated to your patients to offer those hours on a Friday night), I was greeted by Sorina Durante, a lovely woman with a soothing personality and extensive knowledge of her chosen career. I listened attentively as she explained what the treatment was all about. I was skeptical to say the least but as she began the treatment and explained how tissues would regenerate and inflammation is reduced with this modality and how she began her career seeking a cure for her daughter who had suffered pain at the age of 13 – I was very impressed. After an hour I amazingly felt less pain – I was in SHOCK. I could wiggle my toes and my feet without any pain. I went home and did not sleep for 2 days – I was so excited to be almost pain free I didn’t want it to end. I was afraid if I feel asleep I would wake up in pain (considering the pain woke me up for years and I only got a few hours of sleep a night this was truly a miracle for me). I accomplished so much that weekend – it was the first time in years I was able to stand up and walk around for an extended period of time without pain. I usually would soak my feet in ice on a Friday night to freeze the pain away. I was thrilled and went back the following Monday for more treatment. It has been only 4 treatments and I am walking without feeling pain – Sorina and the treatment have truly been a gift from the Universe for me, every day I feel better and better, I sleep a little longer and am working on getting my balance back as using a cane for years has caused me to be unsteady on my feet which at this moment are not feeling any pain at all. I recommend that anyone who deals with daily pain to check out the Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage website and book an appointment for what has become a life altering much needed treatment for me.

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