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Help with Chronic Headaches and Migraines

By Kristin H.

Energy Balance has helped me significantly with management of chronic headaches and migraines. Sorina practices multiple therapies, in addition to the cold laser therapy and massage, to achieve the desired results. She has practiced myofascial, craniosacral, reiki, hot stone, and cupping, plus laser and massage in the expanse of one session. The silicone cupping is my favorite, because it applies negative pressure to “fluff the muscle fibers”. My migraines are much fewer and far between with maintenance sessions every month. Highly recommended and I will continue to seek regular treatment from her.

Looking 12 years Younger

By Karen S.

Sorina Durante has treated my face with Cosmetic Laser Therapy and Facial Rejuvenation for the past year. I am 62 years old but after a series of treatments, I now look like I am 50. My skin has been rejuvenated and I now wear very little make up. My skin tone and texture is much more even and collagen is rebuilding. My cheeks and lips are much more plump and my wrinkles are much softer around my eyes, mouth and forehead. Sorina blends so many modalities into her practice. She is the real gem of Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage. Sorina aims to please and her fees are so reasonable.

Healing One’s Body Naturally

By Ruth

I started coming to Energy Balance for relief of migraines and rotator cuff tendonitis pain. Sorina Durante is incredibly knowledgeable and well trained in many different types of therapies. She is able to combine different techniques and tailor them to your specific issues. She used Craniosacral therapy and Pain Neutralization Technique for my stiff neck and migraine problem. I can hardly believe it myself, but ever since I started coming to her a month ago for weekly CT and PNT, I have NOT had a single migraine since!! Prior to this time, I had been struggling with migraines two or three days a week in recent months. For anyone who struggles with migraines, you know how incredibly freeing it is to go through your days/weeks/months without a single migraine!! Not only that, I have finally begun to find relief from rotator cuff tendonitis pain that has plagued me for almost a year. The laser therapy really works! Although my condition is considered chronic, after 5 sessions I was able to begin to feel relief and know that I am finally on the road to recovery. The twice weekly laser therapy sessions are gentle and painless and the laser continues to work for days after. An extra unexpected bonus of the laser therapy sessions is that you sleep so soundly that night. I thought it was a coincidence at first, but after a month of these sessions, I know I can look forward to a deeply restful good night’s sleep on the days when I have had laser therapy/PNT/CT. What more can you ask for!! Sorina is truly a gem and I’m grateful to have found her practice here in Freehold. She genuinely cares about her patients, often tirelessly working out scheduling conflicts to ensure that you are accommodated according to your schedule. She is also very knowledgeable about natural supplements so it’s another bonus to learn about herbal, homeopathic, and natural products that she is able to recommend to assist in healing one’s body naturally.

Much More Than a Massage

By Karen T.

I wasn’t expecting such an encompassing treatment. Sorina started with a review of my problem areas and proceeded to treat me with a combination of Laser, massage and cupping (a new technique for me!). My carpal tunnel pain was immediately reduced. The knot in my shoulder is getting smaller. My aching hip is not aching. Sorina uses hot stones for a relaxing end to each treatment. After just 2 treatments, I’m feeling better. I look forward to working with Sorina to get myself pain free. She is very knowledgeable about ways to take care of yourself once you leave the office. I referred my niece with foot pain to Sorina and she is also getting relief.

TMJ Pain Stopped

By Lifeprint

Sorina has treated me for a TMJ problem. I came to see her after my dentist told me to have surgery on my jaw to treat my TMJ. Sorina gave me one cold laser treatment and my jaw clicking and pain stopped. I had cold laser treatments for low back pain. Sorina has assisted me with a great detox program that includes cupping and massage. She has also guided me in identifying the best homeopathic and herbal remedies to help me detox and strengthen my immune system. Her fees are so reasonable and affordable. Sorina genuinely wants to help people.

Caring, Compassionate and Very Competent

By Gillian

I came to Energy Balance over a year ago, with knee pain that was not getting any better after more than a month. I am a ballroom dancer, so it was really interfering with my favorite activity. I had the laser therapy on my knees, a twice a week for a while, and then less often. Thanks to Sorina, my knees got completely better, no pain, and I was able to go back to dancing, no problem! I’ve recommended her to friends because I think she is such a caring practitioner, and also because she is one of the most competent alternative health care people I know. I’ve also tried the hot stone massage, which was really excellent – it really helped my muscles to relax, which is not easy since my shoulders and upper back are always in knots. This year, I’ve been dealing with sciatica. I’ve been to a chiropractor for months with very little improvement. So far I have had two sessions with Sorina. She has used laser therapy and trigger point work, and the difference is very noticeable. I plan to continue to go until the pain is gone, which I am sure it will be.

I Slept like a Baby

By Mike

I was always skeptical of certain holistic treatments, different, unconventional types of pain management, etc. My friend who’s been seeing Sorina Durante for a few months now finally convinced me to meet with her. I wish I went sooner… I am a smoker, in my late 20’s, slightly overweight, poor nutrition and suffering from Plantar fasciitis, arthritis in my wrists and hands and filled with toxins. I’ve also been working in a highly stressful environment for years with constant muscle tension, poor posture and fatigue. I went into Sorina’s office with what seemed like a million questions to make sure that this would benefit me and that I wouldn’t be in pain while trying any procedures. I chose to start with the foot detox bath. Next, we did the laser treatment for my feet. Both suffer badly from the plantar and often when I’m driving, the muscles will act up to the point where it feels like a painful charlie horse I’d pull in my sleep. After that night, my left foot felt different… in a good way. I wore flip flops to her office and that’s when my feet tend to feel its worst pain. That night, it just didn’t hurt. Even right now, 5 days later, it’s not acting up. The final procedure was a light neck massage that felt like she was pulling the muscles down from my neck towards the shoulder area. She also loosened up muscles behind my ears on the left and right side of my neck. Prior to the massage, it hurt to turn fully to my left and right, after the 10 minutes or so, my neck’s mobility was incredible. I had complete ability without any stiffness that often led to a sharp pain or two. I slept like a baby that night…. 🙂 Even though what I did in comparison to her other services offered was little, for me it made such a big impact that I’ve committed to go back for more foot detox in addition to her laser therapy for the smoking cessation. She took the time out to educate me, offer me suggestions, explanations and gave me helpful information. All in all, I left with more knowledge and a completely new take on everything I was nervous about before… Her care, her compassion, her volunteer work, her energetic and pleasant personality, her genuine desire to help people… I told her she was a miracle worker. She was very humble when she told me that she just wants to help people. People like Sorina are hard to find these days and I recommend to anyone reading this, read the descriptions of the services she provides, give her a call, make an appointment and try it. I am so very glad that I did.

Excellent Service

By Beth

Energy Balance came highly recommended for laser therapy for a knee injury. In just a very short period of time, this gentle, easy cellular level treatment caused my pain to be drastically reduced & freedom of movement greatly increased. I have also experienced massage & Reiki from Energy Balance with great results. Owner Sorina Durante is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. Her positive approach towards wellness respects the client concerns and goals.

I love Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage

By Sara A.

I may be 15 but I have great pains after surgery, and Sorina helps me get rid of more of that than any pill I’ve ever taken. This laser goes really deep down and warms my bones and makes me feel incredible.

Awesome Experience

By Tama

I have been going to Energy Balance for about 3 months now for lymphatic drainage & detoxing. Sorina is extremely patient and caring and is an amazing person! I feel fantastic

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