Price List

Massage and Energy Therapy

Hand & Foot Massage with Aromatherapy (30 minutes)  $49/per Session
Foot Reflexology Massage (30 minutes)  $45/per Session
CranioSacral Therapy or Reiki (30 minutes) SPECIAL $40/per Session
Relaxation Massage (60 minutes) $85/per Session
Pregnancy Massage (60 minutes) SPECIAL $75/per Session
Lymph Drainage Massage (30 – 60 minutes) SPECIAL $45-$85/per Session
Cupping Massage (30 – 60 minutes) SPECIAL $45-$85/per Session
Medical Massage (60 minutes) $85/per Session
Oncology Massage (60 minutes) $85/per Session
Hot Stones Massage (60 minutes) SPECIAL $90/per Session
Therapeutic Massage (60 minutes) SPECIAL $90/per Session
Deep Tissue Massage or Myofascial Release (60 minutes) SPECIAL $90/per Session
Ultimate Massage with Facial (1 & 1/2 hours) SPECIAL $140/per Session
Chair massage (30 minutes) SPECIAL $40/per Session

Laser Therapy

Stop Smoking SPECIAL                                              
$150/per Session

Stress Anxiety Relief $75/per Session

Pain Relief (30-60 minutes) SPECIAL $45-85/per Session

Acne and Scar Light Therapy (Red & Blue) $85/per Session

Laser Facial Rejuvenation (Non-surgical Face Lift) $189/per Session
5 Session Discount $85/per Session

Collagen Infusion Therapy

Collagen and Elastin Infusion Therapy $189/per Session
5 Session Discount $95/per Session

Body Sculpting

One Area: Stomach or Arms (60 minutes) $189/per Session
6 Session Discount (Recommended) $85/per Session

Two Areas: Thighs (60 – 90 Minute) $229/per Session
6 Session Discount (Recommended) $99/per Session

Spa Services

Facial Treatment & Mask (Hydrating, Collagen, Nourishing, Detoxifying) SPECIAL $59/per Session

Massage Cupping Face Lift & Lymph Drainage (30 minutes) Add-on $45/per Session

Salt & Sugar Glow Hands and Feet SPECIAL Add-on $25/per Session

Paraffin Bath Hands SPECIAL

$45/per Session

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Author: Sorina Durante